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At Municipal Builders, Inc. we take great pride in our work and it shows in our superior craftsmanship. We have received awards in recognition of our outstanding construction. Several articles have been published mentioning MBI and jobs that we completed. 


ABC Merit Shop Award of Excellence

This award recognizes exceptional construction projects built by contractors in Minnesota and North Dakota. 

ABC Step Award - Silver

STEP - ABC's safety management system, created in 1989 to gather data related to member safety performance and to evaluate the effectiveness of safety programs based on the key components of the world class safety programs.

STEP Award(2012)_edited.jpg
ABC STEP Award - Gold

The STEP award recognizes our level of Achievement and ongoing efforts in development of a quality safety program. We are proud to have advanced to a Gold level recognition. 

STEP Award(2013)(Cropped).jpg
A Tall Drink of Tap Water(Construction Executive).pdf

- Construction Bulletin about Building Water Treatment Plants back in September 2006


- Construction Bulletin Article about Water Plant Built in a Garage back in June 2012

ABC National Excellence in construction

This award recognizes outstanding performance by merit shop contractors. Projects are chosen based on the complexity, attractiveness, unique challenges overcome, completion time, workmanship, safety, and cost. 

MBI recieved this award for our work building Water Treatment Plant #1 in Blaine Minnesota. This project stood out from others because of heavy rains destroyed the footings and walls as well as challenges arised from the installation of an air stripping tower to remove groundwater contaminates

First Eagle Award.jfif

- A Tall Drink of Tap Water Article about Construction Executive back in August 2008

MBI received a second Eagle Award in 2013 for our work building the Water Treatment Plant #6 in Edina Minnesota. Water Treatment Plant #6 was designed to use four air strippers to remove vinyl chloride from the well numbers: 2, 7, and 15. This project was built inside an existing parking structure which created many challenges from height restrictions to unknown sewer and water lines within the parking structure. 

Second Eagle Award(2013).jfif

- Construction Excecutive about 23rd Annual Excellence in Construction Awards back in March 2013


- Engineering New Record about Concrete Today back in November 2007


- Municipal's Specialty Niche about Construction on Today back in September 2008

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