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Our Team

In the early years Municipal Builders, Inc. concentrated on building municipal well houses, pumping stations and smaller treatment systems.  Currently projects in the two to seven million dollar range comprise the majority of the contracts completed by Municipal Builders, Inc.  Nearly all of the work is completed under the design-bid-build approach with the owner contracting with an engineer separately on the design.

    Municipal Builders, Inc. is a merit shop company with a core belief in the value of each of its employees.  

Municipal Builders, Inc. was founded in January of 1993 by John R. Wegner.  John’s decision to start the business was a result of his entrepreneurial spirit and 14 years of experience as an estimator and project manager for Barbarossa and Sons located in Osseo, MN.

    John worked in the office for the Plant Division of Barbarossa and Sons which specialized in the construction of municipal treatment plants.  Nearly all of the work now performed by Municipal Builders falls under the municipal water or wastewater treatment market.

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MBI is a proud member of the Associated Builders and Contractors of Minnesota
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